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Outreach Services

The Adams County Public Library offers Outreach Services to Adams County residents who aren’t able to visit a library location, including seniors, daycares and schools, community centers, and remote areas.

Outreach Services can…
  • Bring books and services to your residence, school, or gathering place
  • Deliver books on a schedule each month
  • Bring titles you specifically request, or bring you a new selection at each visit
  • Provide all Outreach Services free of charge
  • Offer special activities at your location, for children or adults

Outreach Services personnel can offer special activities or events at your location. Ask about monthly children’s programs for your daycare or school, computer training or help sessions, and other services.

Institute of Museum and Library ServicesThe Adams County Public Library’s Outreach Services deliver books and services in a vehicle funded in part by an Institute of Museum and Library Services LSTA Grant awarded by the State Library of Ohio.

Do you know someone who would benefit from Outreach Services? Ask us for more information!

Amy Sheeley, Youth Outreach Services: 937-386-0092

David Jewett, Adult Outreach Services: 937-544-2285

Privacy: The Adams County Public Library will not sell or share your contact information with any third party. We will use your information only to contact you regarding your message, library account, or library services.