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Reserve the Community Meeting Room

The Adams County Public Library Meeting Rooms are available during library open hours, until 30 minutes before the library closes. Please read the Use Policy before making a reservation.

The Adams County Public Library Community Meeting Rooms are available to groups or organizations which have a cultural, educational, civic, social, political, religious, or professional focus; other community-oriented organizations; or, to persons volunteering as tutors as part of a non-profit program. The meeting room is not available to non-library groups or individuals for the promotion or sales of services or products, fundraising, conducting classes for profit, or private social functions. Meetings shall be open to the public. No admission may be charged and no items or services may be sold (excluding library program materials).

The following guidelines apply to all non-library meetings held in the meeting room:

  • Reservations must be made at least 24 hours in advance. In case of cancellation, the library requests notification by phone as soon as possible.
  • The meeting room is only available for use during normal library hours.
  • The person making the application is responsible for ensuring that no alcoholic beverages are allowed on the premises and no smoking is permitted.
  • For safety reasons the stated capacity for the room must not be exceeded.
  • Groups are responsible for arranging chairs, tables, and other equipment provided in the meeting room to meet their own needs. Following their use of the room, groups must return the room to its original state. Clean-up of the room by the group is required.
  • The following disclaimer will be posted in the meeting room: “The library does not advocate or endorse the policies or purposes of any group or individual using the library meeting room. The library is not liable for injury to person or property arising out of use of the meeting room by an outside group or individual.”
  • Meetings held in the meeting room must not disturb normal library operations. The Library reserves the right to stop meetings that are disruptive to normal library operations.
  • The meeting room may not be used for any activities prohibited by law.

The Library reserves the right to reject any reservation if it is determined that the organization has abused its past privileges, including but not limited to: violation of any of the preceding policy and procedures, vandalism, theft, failure to exit the building on time, and failure to appear for a scheduled meeting. The acceptance of library policy and procedures (electronically or in person) assigns responsibility for loss or damages to the room and loss or damage to any library property or equipment used during the meeting to the person submitting the application. The library reserves the right to prohibit any person, group or organization from using the library meeting space.

The library’s use of meeting room space takes precedence over outside reservations. Occasionally, it may be necessary to cancel or move a meeting reservation if a specific space is needed by the library. Every effort will be made to give adequate notification to the organizer and/or organization affected and to find reasonable alternate accommodations.

“To the fullest extent permitted by law, the above person/organization agrees to defend, pay in behalf of, hold harmless and indemnify the Adams County Public Library against any and all claims, demands, suits, losses, including all costs connected therewith, for any damage which may be asserted, claimed or recovered against or from the Adams County Public Library, its elected and appointed officials, employees, volunteers or all others working in behalf of Adams County Public Library, by reason of personal injury, including bodily injury and death; and/or property damage, including loss of use thereof, which arises out of the alleged negligence of Adams County Public Library and/or in any way connected or associated with this contract.”