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FRS Transportation

Need reliable transportation? Try FRS! You can get 30-day bus passes at the prices displayed below:

  • $20 for West Union residents
  • $30 for non-West Union residents
  • $35 for inter-county pass

FRS is now offering 30-day bus passes for residents in Adams County for travel within Adams County. The passes are good for an unlimited number of rides in 30 days. You can use the pass for appointments, shopping, going to work, visiting friends and family, or any other transportation needs you may have within Adams County. It’s easy to sign up, just go to www.frstransportation.org to complete the form, call the office for additional information, or pay the driver for the monthly fare. FRS also offers an inter-county pass for $35 that will allow residents to travel freely through Highland and Adams Counties.

11780 SR 41 West Union, OH 45693
Endorsed by Ohio Dept. Of Transportation