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The Adams County Public Library is now offering a limited number of hotspots for members to check out. These hotspots, available for a two-week checkout, provide valuable access to the digital world for those who may not have reliable internet connections at home. By making hotspots available for checkout, the library aims to bridge the digital divide and help everyone in the community with access to vital online resources. 

Due to the limited number of hotspots, we recommend getting on the waiting list as soon as possible, as they are in high demand. Also, remember that we have brand-new PCs, laptops, and Wi-Fi, with a fast and reliable high-speed internet connection at each of our library locations. 

Guidelines & Care

  • Hotspots check out for 14 days with 1 renewal if there are no other holds pending.
  • Only Adults are permitted to check out.
  • While hotspot is not in use, please keep it in its carrying case.
  • Please keep hotspot in a clean, dry, safe place. Do not get it wet or leave it in a hot car.
  • Do not return hotspot in library book drop. You may return it to a staff member at any library location.
  • Patrons will be charged $90 for lost or damaged WiFi hotspots. Fees may also be incurred for missing power cords and cases.

Place a hold on a WiFi Hotspot