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Imagination Lab

Catch and study snowflakes with the Adams County Public Library Imagination Lab! This program is for all ages; however, smaller kids will need an adult’s help. This program will last the month of January. In this program, you will catch and view snowflakes on black construction paper. You will also need a magnifying glass (optional), warm winter clothes, and falling snow. You will keep the black paper in the freezer until it starts to snow. When it’s snowing, put on your winter clothes and take the frozen paper outside. Hold the black paper out flat, so you can catch the falling snowflakes. Tip: Hold your paper at the edges so your hands don’t melt the snowflakes. Once you are finished catching the snowflakes, view them with your magnifying glass. Check out their similarities and differences and record them on a piece of paper. Go to the libraries for take-home seasonal crafts!