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Library Levy Facts

Q. What is the library levy and when will it be on the ballot?
A. The library is proposing the renewal of a 1 mill operating levy for 10 years to be on the November 2, 2021 ballot.

Q. Will my taxes increase?
A. No, there will be no tax increase for the renewal levy. It currently costs less than $2.55 per month for the owner of a home valued at $100,000 and that will not change. The homeowner pays approximately $30.63/year per $100,000. Less than $2.55 a month.

Q. How are the levy funds being used by the libraries?
A. The levy funds have been used to restore hours and services at the Adams County Libraries. The Manchester, North Adams, Peebles, and West Union Libraries have been able to resume six-day-per-week service. Morning and evening hours have been restored, as well. In addition, the levy has increased the ability for us to purchase library materials.

Q. What have the libraries used the levy monies for?
A. The levy funds have given our library financial stability and have given us the ability to add thousands of best-selling books, DVDs, audiobooks, and more to our collection. The funds have also restored lost hours of operation at all of our libraries and allow us to be open to the public six days per week.

Q. How much money does the library get from the local levy?
A. The library currently receives 30% of its funding from the local levy and 66% of its funding from the State of Ohio through the Public Library Fund. The remaining 4% comes from other funds including donations.

Q. Does the library receive money from the schools?
A. The library does not receive any funds from the schools or other local funds.

Q. How are the levy funds used by the library?
A. The funds from the levy are essentialfor the day-to-day operation of the library:

  • Borrow books, audiobooks, CDs, DVDs, and more
  • Programming for all ages, including computer training
  • The library manages registrations and provides essential funding for the Adams County Imagination Library, which mails free books monthly to children age 0 to 5
  • Access the internet wirelessly or with our computers
  • Borrow WiFi hotspots
  • Borrow eBooks and eMedia online
  • Notary public services
  • Homebound delivery for those unable to come to the library
  • School and daycare visits
  • and much more!

Q. What happens if the levy does not pass?
A. If the levy does not pass, the library will be forced to reduce hours of operation, lay off staff, and/or reduce programming and the purchasing of books and other library materials.

Community Value

Your FREE library card is the most valuable card in your wallet. Using the library can save you and your community money. Here’s how your tax dollars have helped since the levy was passed in 2012:

  • Total Items Checked Out: 2,924,057
  • Visits to the Library: 1,450,781
  • Free Programs: 5,592
  • Program Attendance: 48,622
  • Computer Usage: 287,528
  • Wireless Internet Usage: 503,558