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Minecraft Club

Minecraft ServerPlay Minecraft on the library’s server! Sign up to join the server.

The library’s Minecraft server is available while at the library. Playing from home will be available in Fall 2018!

Watch for club events, group activities, and special build projects! Send us a message to request features or report issues.


  1. Sign Up to add your Minecraft username to the whitelist.
  2. Play nice! No griefing other players.
  3. Be kind! No swearing or abusive language.

How To Play

  • You’ll spawn in the lobby. Take a portal to a world to play creative, survival, games, and more.
  • Claim some land and get building in creative mode. Protect your stuff by claiming land in survival mode. How to claim land?
  • Return to the lobby to visit a different world.

How to get a Minecraft account:

Minecraft: Java Edition licenses are available for $26.95 as a gift card at stores like Kroger or Wal-Mart, or online at Minecraft.net. Java Edition is for computers and laptops. Other editions of Minecraft, like Pocket edition or game console versions, will not work with the library’s server. You will need an email address to set up your Minecraft account.

Sign Up to Join the Library’s Minecraft Server

    Sign up to join our server! You'll receive an email confirmation when your username is whitelisted.

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