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Out of Covid Test Kits

The Adams County Public Library is currently out of COVID Test Kits. You can go to Adams County Regional Medical Center (ACRMC) or Southern Ohio Medical Center (SOMC) for PCR Testing. Please check with your insurance company to see if you will be charged for this test.  

Adams County Regional Medical Center 
Address: 230 Medical Center Dr., Seaman, Ohio 45679 
Phone: (937) 386-3400 
Email: info@acrmc.com  

Adams County Regional Medical Center Family Medicine 
11100 State Route 41, 
West Union, OH 45693 
Phone: (937) 544-0400 
Email: info@acrmc.com 

Southern Ohio Medical Center 
90 C.I.C. Boulevard 
West Union, Ohio 45693 
(937) 544-8989 
Customer Service