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Computer Training

Looking for computer classes? Ask about free individual computer training, or schedule a help session at your local library.

Visit these websites to practice basic computer and Internet skills, in easy to use tutorials and guides.
Skillful Senior – Practice using the mouse, keyboard, and arrows.
Mousercise – Exercise your mouse skills in this fun, simple tutorial.
Touch Typing – Learn touch typing with free, interactive lessons that start at the beginning, in easy sections.
Keyboarding Practice – After learning basic touch typing, practice keyboarding with instant feedback in this easy tutorial.
Internet Basics – Short, self-paced tutorials on topics covering the web, Internet Explorer, Facebook, Google, Internet safety, and much more.
Digital Learn – Easy-to-use short video courses help you learn basic computer skills.
Basic Computer Skills – Learn how to get started with your computer desktop, icons, and navigation.
Getting Started with Computers from 21st Century Workforce Skills. Seven short courses introduce computers, the Internet, email, social media, and safety.
Computer Skills Center from Learning Express Library. Video courses introduce basic computer, Internet, and software skills.
Computer Privacy Education from People Smart
Microsoft Office Tutorials from Microsoft – Learn Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Publisher in these easy-to-use tutorials by Microsoft

Learning Windows 8

Windows 8 Introduction Brochure from Microsoft. This colorful PDF brochure will help you navigate Windows 8.
Getting Started in Windows 8. A helpful website in question-and-answer format, explaining how Windows 8 works, and where you can find important tasks and settings.
Windows 8 Online Tutorial. This self-paced online tutorial offers instructions, screen shots and videos.
The Missing Windows 8 Instructional Video. Watch a 25-minute video that previews Windows 8, and helps you learn to navigate the new layout.
Windows 8 Keyboard Shortcuts. Learn the quickest way to launch an app, start a task, or display hidden settings by using keyboard shortcuts new to Windows 8.