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Technology Trainer Sought for STEM Club

The Adams County Public Library is seeking a part-time Technology Trainer to lead a hands-on digital literacy program for middle school and high school age students, and provide one-on-one technology training to community members of all ages at the library. Read a full job description.

The term of the contract would be 20 hours per week, at $15.00/hr, from October 1, 2017 through September 30, 2018. The position is funded by a Guiding Ohio Online grant from the State Library of Ohio and Institute of Museum and Library Services, and would be employed as a 1099 independent contractor.

The position would include providing hands-on technology tutoring, on-demand or by appointment, to patrons of all ages at the Adams County Public Library. The contractor would provide assistance with training basic and intermediate computer and technology skills, answering questions about consumer devices, troubleshooting, and proving step-by-step assistance.

The contractor will be responsible for developing, planning, and leading a series of digital learning activities and computer projects for middle-school and high school age youth in a weekly after-school club setting. The trainer will be expected to mentor students in the program to help foster creativity, problem solving skills and independent thinking by leading a series of hands-on projects that help students develop computer and technology skills. Activities might include leading an Internet safety class, coding with Raspberry Pi, creating group IoT projects such as a building and launching a weather balloon, learning about hardware with hands-on projects, learning basic programming, building with LEGO Mindstorm robots, and organizing a student-driven advanced Minecraft club.

The successful applicant will be expected to work at all four Adams County Public Library locations each week. Evening and weekend hours will be primarily expected. The successful applicant will be able to work well independently, take direction, be creative and highly motivated, be willing to learn new skills in order to lead club projects, be flexible and be able to change plans as needed to meet challenges or accept redirection. The successful applicant must serve as a mentor, and be willing to work closely with teens and younger kids, while encouraging their creativity, participation, and input.

A budget will be available to purchase parts and equipment to support the Computer Club activities. The Computer Club activities must be held at all four Adams County Public Library locations. A budget for marketing and expense compensation for mileage will also be provided.

Candidates of all education levels and work backgrounds will be considered. The most important qualifications are enthusiasm for mentoring youth, experience with technology, willingness to learn new technology skills, and ability to communicate clearly and patiently. The successful candidate will be required to have a BCI background check, and provide reliable transportation. Applications received before September 18 will receive priority consideration. Please return a library application, cover letter, and resume to:

Jessica D. Dooley
Adams County Public Library
157 High Street, Peebles, OH 45660
or by email to dooleyje@adamscolibrary.org.