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Thankful for Libraries

We have reached a time of reflection as the end of the year fast approaches. This November, during this moment of pause and before the joy and chaos of the Holiday season, some Adams County Public Library employees share the reasons why they are thankful for libraries:

Director Nick: I’m thankful for the existence of public libraries as a vital tool for preserving and promoting creativity. Among many other things, a library is a celebration and testament to the beauty and infinite variety of human expression and ingenuity.
Assistant Director Julia: “I’m thankful for the resources, services, and programs provided by libraries to children and families, including interactive and engaging Storytimes that encourage learning and the love of reading.”
Manchester Team Leader Anna: “I am thankful for our library for many reasons, and it’s not really easy to pick just one. I’m thankful for the patrons who use the library, especially the ones who give me the challenge of finding a certain book for them. I’m thankful for my co-workers at all four branches. I am most thankful for having an amazing job working for the Adams County Public Library. I work for and help some pretty wonderful people.” 
Manchester Library Clerk Chris: “I am thankful for the opportunity to discover something new every day. Finding neat, new books and meeting new patrons is the highlight of my day! My employment at the Adams County Public Library has been a worthwhile experience!”
North Adams Library Team Leader Raymond: “I am thankful for our library and staff because we truly love our community. We have programs for all ages and make it a haven for people to meet friends, study, read, relax, and have peace of mind.”
Peebles Library Team Leader Sherry: “I am thankful for my job! Our library is a huge asset to the community because we have a wide variety of services for everyone. I’m blessed to know many patrons and to have built strong connections with coworkers.”
Peebles Library Programmer Sabrena: “I’m thankful for the wide-ranged collection of materials that is provided both in the buildings and online at our local libraries.”
Peebles Library Clerk Kennedy: “I am thankful that our community has a space that fosters creativity and promotes life-long learning. Being able to impact patrons’ lives, even in the smallest ways, reminds me to be thankful for our library community all year round.”
Peebles Library Clerk Emily: “I’m thankful to have a place to grow as an individual through interactions with patrons, and to have the ability to explore new ideas and content through reading.”
Peebles Library Clerk Sofie: “I’m thankful for meeting new people.”
West Union Library Programmer Janice: “I am thankful for how our library supports and strengthens the community. Our libraries have something for everyone. First, we offer books, including board books for toddlers, which begin a lifelong love of learning, to highly technical manuals that can support higher learning. In the middle, we have great fiction that inspires the imagination and non-fiction titles on many subjects to satisfy curious persons. In addition, we offer internet access, fax, copies, and notary services, to name a few. Overall, libraries provide safe and friendly spaces to learn, explore, and make new friends.”