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West Union Library Friends Needed

If the West Union Library is one of your favorite places to visit, and you love to tell your friends about library services, you may be interested in being a Library Friend! The West Union Friends are urgently seeking interested individuals to serve as officers and lead the organization into the future! Do you have ideas for how to support or promote the library? We’d love to hear from you!

What do Friends of the Library do?
-Friends advocate for the library in our community.
-Friends help organize volunteer events at the library, including an annual Book Sale.
-Friends help raise funds to support special services at the library, including our annual Summer Reading Program.
-Friends stay in touch with the latest library news and help spread the word to friends and family.

If you are interested in being a Friend of the West Union Library or know someone who would be, contact Director Nicholas Slone at the contact information listed below:

Director Nicholas Slone
157 High Street
Peebles, Ohio 45660